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Item / Model (Stock #) Description Price
Brush Chippers
2000 Morbark 2400XL (BU417) Cummins 5.9 200 HP engine, Dual Wheel, W, HFS,... $29,500
2003 Morbark Model 13 (BU410) CAT 142 Hp engine, Winch, Autofeed, Aluminum... Price Reduced - $27,500
2005 Morbark Tornado 15 (BU413) CAT 130 HP, Autofeed, 1416 hours. $29,900
2010 Morbark Beever M8D (C201) Kubota 35 HP engine, 89 hrs. $14,000
2016 Morbark Beever M18RX (BU416) Perkins 142 HP Tier III engine, Hydraulic Swivel... $59,500
2018 Morbark M18RX (BU414) CAT 174 HP engine, Winch, Hydraulic Swivel... $79,500
New Morbark Eeger Beever 1215 (B538) PSI 89 HP engine, Gas, Rigid Infeed Tray, Chocks &... Call for Price
New Morbark Eeger Beever 1415 (B537) Cat 74HP, Tier 4F, DHFW, 360 Degree Manual Crank Call for Price
New Morbark Eeger Beever 1621 (B531) CAT 122.5 HP engine, Tier 4F, Winch, Chocks &... Call for Price !
New Morbark Eeger Beever 1821 (B533) GM 5.7L 165 Hp Gas engine, Winch, 360 degree... Call for Price !
New Morbark Eeger Beever 1922 (B530) CAT 174 HP engine, Tier 4F, Winch, Hydraulic... Call for Price
Whole Tree Chippers
1986 Morbark Model 23 Chiparvestor (C183) Cummins 600HP Diesel Engine, Operators Cab and... $50,000
1988 Morbark Model 20 WCL (C198) CAT 3406 400HP engine, 3 knife disc w/ quick... $55,000
2005 Morbark 20/36 (C200) CAT C9 335 HP engine, tracked machine, Cab&Loader,... $120,000
Stump Grinders
2006 Rayco RG50 (RU204) Duitz engine, 1219 hours, with Rayco trailer $23,500
2012 Vermeer SC 372 (BU401) Yarner 37.8 HP engine, has 600 hours $21,500
New Racyo RG37 (R041/R042) Vanguard 37 HP, Command Cut, Dual wheel kit, 4x4... Call for Price !
New Rayco RG37T (R046/R047) Vanguard 37 HP engine, Rubber Track, Elec. Clutch,... Call for Price
New Rayco RG55R (R039/R040) Kubota 55 HP, Dual Front Wheel Kit, Dual Rear... Call for Price !
New Rayco RG55T (R044/R045) Kubota 55 HP engine, Gas, Wireless Remote,... Call for Price!
New Rayco RG74T-R (optional Trailer) (R037-038) Cummins 74HP, Rubber Track undercarriage, radio... Call for Price
New Rayco RG80 (R026) Ford 85HP engine, Self- Propelled, Wireless... Call for Price !
Tub and Horizontal Grinders
1997 Morbark 1300 Tub (I232) CAT 800HP engine, Call for More Details! $99,500
1998 Morbark 950 Tub (I255) Cummins 174HP Engine, 1500 hrs. $67,500
2006 Morbark 1600 Tub Grinder (C165) CAT 1000-HP engine, Hyd. Rod Pusher, Air... $213,500
2008 Morbark 3800 Wood Hog (I262) Cummins 630 HP engine, Magnetic end pully, air... $185,000
2017 Morbark 3400XT (C196) Save almost $200,000 off new retail! ONLY 135... $525,000
Morbark Model 1500 (C187) CAT 3508, 1000HP Diesel Engine Price Reduced!! $205,000
New 2015 Demo Morbark 3800XL Track Woodhog (I242) CAT C18 800 HP Tier 2 engine, reversing fan, PT... Sale - $685,000
Grapples, Shears, and Attachments
Morbark Auger Drive (BX030) For Boxer, x1500 high torque $2,350
New 42" Brush Grapple (BX046) 2,550
New 42" Bucket for Boxer Mini Skid Steer (BX038) $550
New Frostbite Grapples 4 available - weighs less than 360 lbs., opens up... $1825
New Ryan's 6060 Grapple (RY155) $9700
Forestry Mowers
2008 Fecon FTX440 (F013) 440 HP Cat engine and 2550 hours. Call for more... $85,000
2009 Rayco C-100 w/ Rayco Mower Head (RU200) Kubota 99-HP engine, New Rotor, a Camera, and 2642... $69,500
New Denis Cimaf DAF-180D Mulching Head (DC002) Skid Steer mount. high flow required, tool... Call for Price !
Boxer Mini Skid Steers
2018 Toro Dingo TX1000W (BU415) Kubota 25HP engine, new tracks, 175 hrs. $28,500
New Boxer 600HD (BX049) Kubota 25 HP diesel engine, 7" wide rubber track... Call for Price !
New Boxer 700HDX (BX051) Kubota 25 HP engine, Diesel Engine, Expandable... Call for Price!
2008 John Deere 310SJ 4x4 Backhoe (BU408) JD 4045 Turbo Diesel 93 HP engine, Hydraulic quick... $41,500
48" Chip Pac (C194) Reconditioned, New face plate, hardware, fan... $40,000
ADI Hydraulic Lopper (C163) Call for More Details! Price Reduced!! $995
Simonds 72" Knife Grinder (I260) 7.5 HP, 3 phase motor $22,500